Motorcycle Modifications (Part 1 of 5)


This will be a 5 part series where we will blog about our experiences and learning on various aspects of motorcycle modifications. To start with we will first introduce the various types..

Types of modifications:

There are 4 main types of modifications as below
  1. Electrical modifications, eg: adding electrical accessories
  2. Mechanical modifications, eg: adding mechanical accessories like luggage racks, clips, brackets, modifying stock structure of the motorcycle, like foot peg lowering, handlebar risers
  3. Aesthetic modifications, eg: Paint jobs, stickers or wraps

Projects and Planning:

Motorcycle projects are where a major transformation would be done.. for eg. building an off roader or a cafe racer out of a stock motorcycle. Here are some guidelines for modifications projects..
  • Always have a clear idea of what your target is going to be like
  • Document the detailed functional requirements the end result should achieve
  • Document the specifications of the target
  • Plan in stages
  • Consider all required resources, parts and access to specific skilled people or tools
  • A good diagram or sketch with lots of details is a good starting point


Before you begin any project, make sure you have the bare minimum and the correct tools required for the job. Below are some standard tools..
  • Paddock stand – for a stable and raised platform if your bike does not have a center stand. We sell them here.
  • Standard tool kit with ratchet and socket bits. This will compliment your motorcycle stock toolkit. A ratchet will help you do mechanical tasks much quicker. Socket heads will ensure that any bolts or nuts under action will not have chipped heads leading to hard to fix issues. We sell a high quality and well thought tool here.
  • Torque wrenches – All nuts and bolts must be properly torqued as per standard specifications. Not doing so means nuts and bolts are prone to getting loose due to vibrations. Such preventable failures can be fatal. Only couple of Indian brands sell torque wrenches, so importing is a good option. Another idea is to get torquing done at you local authorized service station. For a small fee they should be willing to help you out.
  • Work gloves – A pair of work gloves will not only help your hands stay clean and safe, but also aid in proper gripping of tools. Thick leather or safety gloves should be used where abrasive work like drilling, welding or cutting has to be performed. Nitrile/rubber coated gloves may be sufficient for low volume work. These also provide better grip and offer slight protection from minor nicks and cuts. We sell them here.
  • Liquid thread locker – Use on all nuts and bolts which are prone to getting loose due to vibrations. We sell a refilled Loctite product here.
  • WD-40 spray – Use to loosen bolts which are tight due to rusting or aging. Can also be used to slightly lubricate before any major work. We sell this here.
In the next 4 parts we will address each of the above mentioned modification types.

PS: We at have many ready to use products, or even parts and accessories for DIY use for all your motorcycle modification projects. We can also offer advice on their usage, suitability etc.

Can you think of any more tools or ideas which can go in this introduction topic? Please leave your valuable comments.