Tips for fixing Tyre puncture

Punctures happen and they are fairly easy to fix in the field if you have the right tools and skills – both can be acquired easily.

The Tools:

Here is a list of products (links go to which we have personally tried and tested over the years:

  1. Puncture repair kit :
  2. 12v Digital Tyre Inflator pump (with LED light, digital air pressure gauge/meter and auto cut off) :
  3. Cut resistant work gloves:
  4. Spare plugs:

The Skills:

Always carry the puncture kit which should consist of all the above tools and you are aware of what to use when.
Always practice at home on a old tyre before performing a fix in the field. You will learn what it takes to do it and its easy to make mistakes while practicing and correct them. The most challenging bit about fixing the puncture is
Watch a few good videos on Youtube to learn how to do this efficiently.