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Ever well read rider in India has surely come across the Iron Butt Association and their challenging Certifications. The Saddlesore 1000 is one such certification requiring a rider to safely complete a long distance ride across 1600 Km’s within 24 hours.

Now this indeed is a challenge yet many riders in India have achieved this greatness and more on the peculiar road conditions on Indian highways. There is hordes of information on the web about how to accomplish these certifications and endurance or long distance riding in general.

This article is about the few key aspects like Rider Endurance, Rider Comfort, Rider Safety and RedLine+ solutions to aid long endurance distance riding.

Rider Endurance

Define “endurance”: noun: the ability to endure an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way. Accordingly, a rider can work to increase one’s physical and mental endurance while supplementing with few external aids.

The following tips around RedLine+ products should help motorcycle riders increase their comfort, safety and making the motorcycle more resilient – all of these leading to successful long distance rides!

Tips for Rider Comfort

  1. Seat comfort – The saddle sore name truly means that a rider would get a sore but at the end of the ride. A good seat option is the RedLinePlus SofaRider Gel seat options would help immensely extend the time when butt soreness sets in and will help reduce the pain after that.
  2. Hydration Bladder – Hydration is a very important aspect of endurance and affects concentration levels. Being well hydrated with balanced nutrients (salts and sugars etc) also reduces cramping and aids endurance. A Hydration shoulder bag will easily wear off the rider by causing soreness in the shoulders and back. An alternative is the RedLinePlus Hydration Bladder which can be tucked away in a tank bag, jacket back pocket etc with the flexible pipe available for sipping fluids on the go.
  3. Motorcycle Throttle Assist – The RedLinePlus MTA a small device to help the rider reduce pain and cramping in the wrists.
  4. Neck scarf – keep the cold away from the neck during the night and colder part of the ride. RedLinePlus has two options for this a tube type scarf or a Shemagh . The tube scarf can also be used as a scull cap inside the helmet at other times of the ride for comfort.
  5. Ear comfort – Ear plugs will immensely reduce hearing fatigue caused due to engine noise, wind noise. RedLinePlus offers corded ear plugs suitable for the motorcycle rider.
  6. Handlebar risers – Get into a more relaxed position to reduce the weight and therefore strain on wrists, arms, shoulders and back. RedLinePlus have a couple of options here

Tips for Rider Safety

  1. Road visibility – Motorcycle Lighting will be important and a large part of this ride will happen during darkness. High quality and high intensity lighting will increase the rider confidence, safety and therefore speed.
    1. RedLinePlus LED auxiliary lighting
    2. High power halogen lighting – replace those stock bulbs
  2. Gadget charger – RedLinePlus offer a variety of charging options
    1. Keep your mobile charged for Satellite Navigation and updating whereabouts to your control centre (friends and family)
    2. Handy in case of a flat tyre or an air top up to one of the tyres
  3. BikeSpa Helmet Cleaning Spray – Keep that visor clean with a quick spray every time you take a break with the RedLinePlus cleaning spray
  4. HandGuard – A large part of the ride may happen at night when the temperatures may dip and cause discomfort to the riders hands. RedLinePlus Hand Guards will help deflect some of the wind away and therefore allow the rider to maintain intended hand controls
  5. Loud horn – Most stock horns are not too loud and weak for highway use. A louder horn will mean that you are heard from a distance and may also ease overtaking those long trucks and fast passenger carriers. We sell them here.
  6. Be seen – A visible rider is a safe rider. Be seen in all weather conditions with one of our High Visibility Vests.
  7. Be seen from behind – not that you would let anyone overtake on such an important ride, would you 🙂 ? RedLinePlus have the following options
    1. Our tiny Red light removable LED blinker should increase the rear end visibility for your bike tail
    2. Our tiny White light removable LED blinker should increase the rear end visibility for your bike tail
    3. Wireless Helmet LED Indicator should increase your rear end visibility

Tips for Motorcycle Endurance

  1. Chain oiling – a well oiled chain will ensure that it safely delivers power to the wheels. Oil the chain during every major break or fuel break. Keep a chain lubing spray handy. Or better still use our Gravity Chain Oiling System which is a continuous oiler and suitable for a long run like the SS1000
  2. Tool kit – use for quick checkup or easy on the go fixes. Having a good toolkit handy will allow you to fix any niggles quickly and on the go. Practice using the toolkit before the actual ride.
  3. Liquid Thread locker – Use on all critical fasteners like nuts and bolts to prevent loss due to vibrations. Eg: a frequently loosening handlebar mirror will not only irritate the rider but also distract the rider from concentrating on the road conditions. Tip: Use the liquid threadlocker during the pre ride servicing or bike prep. Insist on having even secure “looking” fasteners retorqued after applying the threadlocker
  4. Motorcycles with radiators – get a radiator guard
  5. Motorcycles with radiator cooling fans – add an auxiliary fan and pair it with our aux fan controller kit for care free thermal solution
  6. Zip tie set – keep this handy in case a quick fix is needed on the go
  7. Keep a spare set of motorcycle fuses handy – we sell many of them here
  8. Keep a tyre pressure meter handy – we sell one here
  9. Keep a redundant clutch cable and accelerator cable(s) zip tied to the original one; in case a change is needed on the go. Practice how to change this with simple tools.

General Tips

  1. Secure that key – don’t lose that bike key when you stop for a break. Use one of our carabiner keychains to secure the bike keys onto your riding gear. Keep a spare on another keychain safely.
  2. Quality phone mounting solution – We sell RAM mounts which are globally tried and tested for securing mobile devices to motorcycles. Being worry free about your device will allow you to concentrate on the road conditions
  3. Safe wiring – Do you have any custom wiring on the bike? Make it resilient with one of our motorcycle specific connectors here
  4. Backup mobile charger – Keep a backup mobile device charger in case the primary one fails. We have some low cost solutions here
  5. Backup 12v socket – Install a no frills 12v charger port as a backup to the primary charger/combo
  6. Secure all luggage – It will be safer to use a self attaching luggage like a tank bag or top box or saddle bags. But if there is any additional items which need securing, think of our QuickStraps which are not only safer than bungees (which are known to snap) but also quick and easy to use.
  7. Keep stuff dry – It will be best to do these rides during predictable and easier weather conditions. But if  you are expecting rain during this ride, think of using our Waterproof Dry Bags.
  8. Innerwear – Use technical underwear like LD Comfort or specified cycling shorts which would keep the skin surface dry by wicking sweat away and offset soreness caused due to moisture. Import from the USA or hand carry
Remember to install and do any changes to your motorcycle and gear well before the actual certification ride. This will allow you to get used to the changes, fix any issues and begin the final ride with confidence.

Good Luck!

With the above, we wish you luck and success for your preparations and IBA certification rides! Ride safe, ride long!
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  2. The above are suggestions only and there is no guarantee that a rider will be able to accomplish any of the certifications with the suggested products. Riders have done greater rides in the absence of any of these products and aids.
  3. The author has no IBA certification experience and is a long distance endurance rider